Florida Pediatric Critical Care, PA


Florida Pediatric Critical Care, P.A. is team of dedicated and highly qualified practitioners who care exclusively for children in the hospital setting. Our services include Pediatric Hospitalist, Pediatric Critical Care, Sedation Clinic, and IV access.

pediatric intensivist

Pediatric Intensivist Services

For the critically ill child, our practice offers Pediatric Intensivist Services. In our Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs), children are treated by our physicians, along with a team of caring, and specially trained pediatric professionals. Once your patient is discharged from the PICU, our physicians may follow his progress on the pediatric floor if necessary or discharge the patient for follow up with the primary care physician.

pediatric hospitalist

Pediatric Hospitalist Service

This is a valuable asset to the busy office practitioner, offering a solution that maximizes physician time and streamlines patient care. Patients are referred to the on-call doctor and are admitted under our service. During the hospitalization, we will follow the patient’s clinic progress. Once the hospitalization course is complete, the primary care physician is contacted and given a full report of the patient’s progress and medical condition. The patient is then referred back to the primary care physician for medical follow up.

pediatric sedation

Sedation Clinic

Florida Pediatric Critical Care has established a pediatric sedation clinic for both outpatient and inpatient diagnostic testing and procedures. Assisting our physicians, are experienced, specially trained pediatric sedation nurses who are committed to maintaining your patient’s safety while minimizing pain and stress.


Children who need an MRI, CT scan, IV infusion, EEG, echocardiogram, etc. who generally cannot stay still for long periods of time will benefit from this service.

IV access

I.V. Access Procedures

When I.V. access is required for patients, Florida Pediatric Critical Care offers PICC line or CVL insertion. These procedures are typically done under sedation. Please call our main office number to schedule.